• Buy


  • Feed and

    raise Guppies.

    Also Improve food

    quality to keep them fed

    for long time.

  • Increase food


    to feed more Guppies at once.

  • Buy


  • Feed baby

    Guppies to


  • Collect coins from


    and diamonds from


  • Save

    Guppies &


    from deadly


  • Upgrade laser power
    to kill Aliens quickly.
  • Use Pets

    with different


    to improve


  • Earn Pearls

    based on your


  • Use Pearls

    to buy

    tanks & items

    and decorate your tank.

  • Use Pets

    using the


  • Guppy


    Small size initially, but

    grows when fed properly.

    Gives silver and gold coins

    on growing.

    Feed it by tapping on

    the screen.


  • Carnivore


    Munches on small Guppies


    Gives valuable Diamonds

  • Alan

    It is a baby piranha

    Attacks enemies and

    protects other fishes.

  • Angie

    Converts zombies into zombie


    When a zombie fighter comes

    in contact with a zombie

    both of them die.

  • Doris

    It is a mother piranha

    Gives birth to baby Piranhas

    Which attack enemies.

    Also fights the enemies.

  • Ethan

    Attracts goblins poisonous

    balls by it’s claws and

    destroys them.


    Goldie releases gold coins

    from time to time


    Lailah keeps the sea

    populated with guppies.

  • Melody

    She sings to cheer up

    other fishes.On listening to her song

    all fishes drop coins

    and diamonds.

  • Pluto

    Gives precious pearls.

  • Snoopy

    Collects coins and diamonds.

  • Sparky

    Releases stars which paralyses

    The enemy in contact.This paralysis is for a

    short duration.

  • Buy Tanks
  • Purchase items

    To decorate tanks.

  • Goblin

    Attacks in dual mode.

    Kills fishes on touch

    also fires poisonous balls.

    Poison balls turn to emeralds

    on tapping.

  • Sea Horse

    It kills fishes even on

    slight touch.

    Tapping on it reduces

    its power.

  • Zombie

    Turns fishes into zombies

    on biting.

    The conversion can be very

    fast at times,such that all

    fishes turn into zombies.